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Teaching and Learning


Paul has been working in Education for much of his life.  Most of his time was spent supporting Higher Education but now he is helping teachers in the K-12 world.  Currently, he is the Manager of Online Professional Development at Denver Public Schools, working at the central Emily Griffith Campus.


Paul has also taught Digital Storytelling at UMBC, the Center for Digital Storytelling and Denver Public Schools.  You can find some of his work related to digital storytelling on this page.


As a lifelong learner Paul is always taking courses, many online, and sharing his new knowledge and skills with others via this website, his blog, and other social media such as Twitter.  You can follow Paul on Twiter @pauliwancio.  Here is a link to his blog on teaching and learning with 21st century tools:  Technology is Not a Four Letter Word.




Denver Morning by mclcbooks Flickr Creative Commons

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