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Moodle Courses and Resources



I'm an admin, course designer, and teacher on Moodle-the popular open source learning management system.  I'd like to share some sample courses and resources here for you to peruse and perhaps use for yourself.


Here's a sample six-week blended course on digital storytelling.  This one is fully built-out and ready for a facilitator to use "as is" with just a few edits on course meeting times.  Click on the image below to see the course:





















Most people have been using the traditional "topics" or "weekly" theme layout.  But I've been sharing the more recent "grid layout" with instructors.  This allows for a less text-heavy course page and avoiding what has been called "the scroll of death".  Here's an example of the layout I created:  (note that it is grouped by activity and not topic)

















While working at Denver Public Schools, we developed a Moodle Quickstart Guide to help users learn the Moodle platform and empower them to start working on their own course pages.  Here's a link to the guide:


















I've also started an online community for Denver Moodle users.  It is hosted on Google Plus and is still in its infancy stage.  But if you'd like to join, here is the link:






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