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House Concerts




What exactly is a house concert?

A house concert is precisely what its name implies– a concert in your house!  We will come to your house and perform an intimate musical show in the comfort of your own home.  Usually there is no sound system- it's an acoustic concert.


Why hold a house concert?

The house concert phenomenon is quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason!  A house concert offers an intimate, serene setting where the audience can get to know the performers on a personal level.  You are surrounded by your friends and family in a safe, comfortable setting that is appropriate for all ages, while avoiding the shenanigans and noisy atmosphere of a bar. Imagine a great listening room where you can hear every note and lyric. Best of all, house concerts make great parties, are incredibly fun, and you will gain the reputation of a fabulous host!


I would like to hold a house concert.  Who would I invite?

First you need to decide if you would like your house concert to be open to the public, or a private engagement (just for your family and friends).  There is another variation on this where you can open it up only to people on a particular mailing list.  Once you establish this, we can work with you to help publicize your house concert to encourage people to attend.


I’m not sure if my house is big enough to hold a house concert.  How can I tell?

Usually house concerts are held in the largest room of the house, such as living room, dining room or large den.  Furniture is moved around to accommodate seating for your guests, and an area is cleared for the performers. During the warmer months, and if weather permits, we can perform on decks and patios for audiences seated outside.  An overhang or tent must be supplied to shield the performers from the sun. 


How much will it cost to perform at my house?

We suggest a minimum donation of $10 per person who attends.  All proceeds would go to our musical group.  You can pay us out of your own pocket if you wish, but we highly suggest you take donations from all attendees.


What about food?
Some house concerts ask attendees to bring a potluck dish or beverage, while some hosts handle all the food themselves.  Do whatever works for you and your income.



Many house concerts we perform also include a second or later set that is a song circle.  Everyone is invited to join in and share a song.  We have an inclusive exercise that gives everyone a chance to participate.

We’ve also had theme nights, such as a Beatles sing-a-long.  Everyone gets to request and sing their favorite Beatles tune.


Artist Care and Feeding

Sometimes - but not always - the performers get a meal and/or lodging with the presenters as part of their compensation, if it is far away from our home.  Currently we reside in Denver Colorado.


Consultations and Further Advice

If this is your first time holding a house concert, we can walk you through all the steps and answer any questions or concerns…just ask.  We're all in this together!   You can email us,  Or phone: 443-739-2153.


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